Choosing Your Hotel In Terms of Free Upgrades

Choosing Your Hotel In Terms of Free Upgrades

When booking your hotel it never hurts to check into what free upgrades may be available to you. If you are wanting to choose your hotel because of the free upgrades that are offered, we offer a view of just what to look out for. 

What To Look For To Help Ensure Free Upgrades

Book A New Spot – A lot of hotel stayers are brand loyal which can make it hard for newer hotels to gain their footing in a competitive & ever-growing market. New hotels that are looking to grow their own loyal fan base will usually offer free upgrades to new guests. This serves as a way to do a little extra for their hotel guests and ensure they are happy & have an enjoyable stay. It also helps to encourage return business in the future.

Join Rewards/Loyalty Programs – As we mentioned before brand loyalty is extremely important and beneficial to a hotel. Oftentimes to reinforce brand loyalty they will offer a loyalty or rewards program that provides free grades to members. So don’t hesitate to become a program member yourself.  

Travel Durig The Off-Season – When traveling during a busy season hotel often do not have a lot of room for free upgrades and flexibility. Traveling during the off-season when business is slow they are able to offer more free upgrades. So in a nutshell it never hurt to travel during the off-season.

Speak Up – That’s right don’t hesitate to speak up and ask for a free upgrade. The most they can do is say no they don’t have any available. Oftentimes when you are straightforward with your approach they don’t mind giving you one if they are able to.

Look For Upgrades – Different travel platforms offer different free upgrades to their members. Upgrades can range from free breakfast, sunset drinks, or wifi. Sometimes utilizing a certain credit card helps as well. American Express offers certain free upgrades to some of its cardmembers. Which it never hurts to look into what booking with your different credit cards might offer. 

In the end, you might have to dig a little more and research a few different hotels but why not. Free upgrades can not only save you money but also can truly enhance your overall hotel stay & travel experience.