Hotels During The Pandemic – What To Expect

Hotels During The Pandemic – What To Expect

While your hotel room may seem like a very personal space it is important to keep in mind that 100’s of people utilize the same hotel room and hotel as you. This means there is an abundance of germs. During this time with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and no near end in sight, maintaining cleanliness and sanitary conditions is very important! And the proper sanitization of hotel rooms is even more important now than it has ever been before. 

Not only must hotels abide by and follow federal regulations regarding proper sanitization protocols, but they also have to make sure they are aligning with the guest’s expectations. Guests need to feel comfortable and safe should they be traveling and need to stay in a hotel. They need to know that the rules are being followed and hotels are taking EXTRA precautions when it comes to sanitary safety standards. So what exactly should you expect from your hotel of choice during this pandemic and a different time?

Safety First Mentality- Hotels should lead with this mentality and improve cleaning protocols for public areas, rooms, and even opt to use single-use silverware & glasses to further provide optimum sanitary conditions.

Automated Check-In- Automating as many services as possible can help to eliminate person-to-person contact thus helping to slow the spread of germs. Utilizing robots to deliver towels to rooms and other guest services can also help to reduce contact.

Flexible Cancellations- While most hotels may have strict policies when it comes to reservation cancellations, at this time it is best if hotels are more lenient with their cancellation policy. Many things are uncertain as of now in the world including our health. 

Transparency Is Key- Open communication and full transparency in communicating your safety standards and protocols to guests are paramount. This will help guests to feel more comfortable and aware of what they are walking into. It will also help to make their stay more enjoyable as well as increase their return rate percentage. 

Should you be traveling and in need of hotel accommodations be upfront when booking your reservation. If they don’t show their updated cleaning & sanitation policies on their website or you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask for additional information.