Renewable Energy For The Hotel Industry

Renewable Energy For The Hotel Industry

The use of solar power has grown from residential use to being commercially used by corporations as large as hotel chains. In fact, hotels or the hospitality industry is one of the largest industries that have begun to look to solar power alternatives within the last few years. Hotel group High Hotels Ltd., a large hotel group that is in partnership with Marriott hotels,  invested 1.5 million dollars into an array of solar materials to successfully generate 100% electrical power to its hotel in the Greenfield Corporate Center! The group made the 133 room Courtyard By Marriott hotel the first-ever hotel to be run 100% by solar power electricity.

This just goes to show that over the past 5 years solar power has developed into a more affordable option for both residential and commercial properties. And the ROI on solar energy and the storage mechanisms associated with it has proven to drastically cut hotel operating costs when it comes to energy bills.

Renewable Energy Services Inc., a solar power installation company on the Big Island of Hawaii, is seeing more business from the hotels on the island as we speak. With the increase in awareness of fossil fuels and how much our carbon footprint contributes to global warming, the Marriott brand of hotels is choosing to power outside functions & luaus with rented solar power for now? How do they do this? RES supplies their Menehune Mobile Power Stations that come fully equipped to generate enough solar power to power multiple hotel functions. While the Marriott hotels look to eventually install and invest in their own equipment this arrangement works perfectly for now.

Not only are the hotels aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and help keep their tropical island protected from the overuse of fossil fuels they are also seeing an adequate drop in energy bills when opting for solar power at their functions. And of course the occasional tiki torch!

The more we do to help reduce fossil fuels and our carbon footprints the better off our Earth will be. Hotels see a lot of energy waste as well as other natural resource waste. Doing what they can as an industry to help eliminate waste in all forms will help to make all the difference.