Unique Hotel Suites Around The World

Unique Hotel Suites Around The World

When traveling, your hotel stay is probably one of the things that can greatly affect your travel experience. Should you be taking time to explore somewhere new or get-away on a little adventure staying at unique hotels can only add to it. With a number of incredibly beautiful & different hotel suites to choose from in a number of different places, finding a unique hotel that is right for is part of the fun!

Best Unique Hotel Suites

Treehotel of Sweden: 

This hotel is built entirely in a treehouse. It consists of seven living pods suspended in tall pine trees, some even being twenty feet high.  To enter the hotel you must do so by ladder, suspended bridge, or electric stairs. 

Under The Sea: 

Built-in 2018 The Muraka Maldives on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, showcases a two-story, three-bedroom living space. Twenty-four-hour butler service is included and the residence is fully submerged within the sea. It was designed in Singapore and had to be transferred to the Maldives. It also comes with a whopping price tag of $40,000 per night.

727 Fuselage Home:

If you are an aviation lover this is probably the perfect hotel suite for you. Constructed from an original 1965 Boeing aircraft that was pulled from the airplane graveyard, this elegant suite boasts amazing views. Located in Costa Rica, it might just be the hotel for your intended vacation.

Bivacco, Gervasutti:

To get to this cliff-hanging capsule requires a challenging climb. Once there it’s all worth it because of the truly incredible and breathtaking views. Just how high up is this capsule on a cliff? A whopping 2,835 meters up!

These are just some of the truly incredible & unique hotels that are out there. Researching and seeing the amazing architecture and creativity of those that designed these suits is pretty fun too. You get to see hotels that are only in your wildest dreams.