Vehicle Wraps & Wall Wraps For The Hotel Industry

Vehicle Wraps & Wall Wraps For The Hotel Industry

Hotels are always looking for ways to stay modern and updated when it comes to their interior/exterior. With new technology and products available on the market hotels are able to utilize vinyl wraps and large format printing to create truly captivating wall art/wallpaper & car wraps to help showcase brand identity on hotel vehicles. Not only are you able to create modern & innovative spaces that showcase the hotel’s unique identity, but you also help to create brand awareness & mobile billboards for the hotel with graphic vehicle wraps for their fleet of company vehicles.

Benefits of Wall Wraps & Vinyl Fleet Wraps

Wall Wraps:

With the use of vinyl wall wraps, hotels are able to create & instill the energy that best fits their concept promoted to every guest & person that walks through their doors. Exterior & interior vinyl wall wraps also not only decorate your space but help set you apart from the competition. Wall wraps allow for customization and creativity while acting as a giant mural. Not only are wall wraps used to decorate the space of choice they can also help to brand the hotel’s identity. Beautiful wall art or murals can also act as a sort of attraction. Many will want to come to the hotel just to see the giant work of art. While wall wraps are a lot more frequently used than in previous years, they are still somewhat of a new age design & branding technique.

Car Graphics & Vinyl Wraps:

A vinyl wrap for your car, van, delivery vehicle or even your entire company fleet can truly benefit from a graphic vinyl wrap. Not only are you able to showcase and cement the hotel’s brand identity you are also able to add custom graphics to your vehicle wrap to help set your fleet apart from the rest. In fact, a vinyl wrap for your company vehicle acts as a mobile billboard promoting your brand wherever you go. And it also offers one of the best ROI’s when it comes to market & ad spend. 

In the end, vinyl wraps whether utilized on a vehicle or on the walls of the building provide an artistic & modern approach to instilling brand identity and captivating murals for all to see. Setting yourself apart from others in the business can prove to be a challenging task. Wall wraps & vehicle wraps are a great way to not only decorate the hotel’s space and customize the company fleet but also a great way to solidify & promote brand identity.